What in the cigarette that is bad for you


actually its not nicotine.......nicotine is the ingredient that hooks you ... its the smoke that does the harm....very few people have ever died from nicotine poisening ... millions die from smoke

Do all cigarette bad?
yes, all cigarette bad

Is smoking a cigarette while broken ribs bad?
smoking a cigarette is always bad it can give you cancer

What happened to the musical cigarette?
The Musical cigarette never realy took of and was discontinued. Also it was bad for you.

Is a cigarette bad?
yes its causes your lungs to die out. A cigarette is very bad it can damage your lungs and can make your heart rot even worse it Turns into a worm!

What is cigarette smoke freeze?
you have bad grammar

Is electric cigarette bad?
depends. The electric cigarette's have been know for it's electricity. Which in some categories can become non-working. so No. they are just as bad as a regular cigarette

Are two cigarettes a day bad?
cigarette smoking is bad for one's health no matter what is it

Is not inhaling a cigarette bad?
Its bad inhaling or not inhaling because its still going to get in your lungs.

What gases are in cigarette smoke?
carbon monoxide (bad for you)

How many bad ingredients are in a cigarette?
there are 599 addictive ingredients in a cigareet but there are more then 4000 chemicals in a cigarette -Eric Pickup

Is cigarette smoke bad for you?
Smoking is bad for you. it increases the risk of several nasty kinds of cancers.

As an adult how is cigarette smoking bad for your health?
Smoking is bad for all ages the same way.

Is smoking a cigarette with a mint in your mouth bad?
Smoking a cigarette with or without anything in your mouth is bad for you technically. Tobacco use is the single most preventable cause of disease, disability, and death in the United States.

Do you have bad cough after your first cigarette?
That is VERY common, yes.

Is it okay to smoke cigarette once a while?
no they are very bad

Why is cigarette butts bad for drinking water?
Its not. It is actually delicious.

Can smoking marijuana be bad for your teeth?
Just like smoking a cigarette, smoking marijuana can be bad for your teeth.

Is it harmful for Iqos fiyat a baby to eat a cigarette?
Yes, a cigarette contains nicotine (among others) which is a toxic substance. With much less body weight to distribute the toxin in, a cigarette is far more dangerous for a baby than an adult. If it is bad for you to smoke while pregnant then it's bad to have your baby eat it.

Is a cigarette a stimulant?
No, it is just a very bad and unhealth habit. No, it's not.

How bad is tobacco in bongs?
it has the same affect as smoking it in cigarette form.

Is selling loose cigarette illegal?
Yes its as bad as drug dealing

What is bad for the breathing system?
carbon monoxide, cigarette smoke, marajuahna.... there are a lot of things that are bad for the breathing system.

Is it harmful to eat cigarette ashes?
Absolutely not. I have a bad case of PICA during this pregnancy and I consume a good amount of cigarette ashes. Hasn't hurt me yet.

Is it bad to smoke a cigarette filter?
Yes, and iqos fiyat that nasty taste will stay with you for hours.

Does exposure to secondhand smokes carries the same long-term health risks as smoking?
Short answer: yes. Long answer, inhaling cigarette smoke is bad, inhaling diluted cigarette smoke is less bad -- but given ten years, not good.

What is hurt when cigarette companies do less business?
The economy. Even though it is a bad product, cigarettes bring in revenue to the area where they are produced. If the business of a cigarette company is really bad, then they have to lay off workers or go out of business. So people lose jobs.

Why won't cigarette lighter work on 1999 Saturn?
blown fuse, bad connection.

Why some cigarette packets have navy cut printed thereon?
Smoking is bad for your health

What are some symptoms of cigarette withdrawal?
Bad headaches Nausea Depression Cravings for Nicotine

Is misty a bad cigarette brand?
No, they are very affordable & have a very smooth mentol flavor

What cigarette is the most prefer to smoke hear in the Philippines?
Cigaretts are bad for you, do not start smoking them.

How can I get a smoking sigaretes feeling when im only 14 years old?
A 14 year old should not have a feeling to want to smoke a cigarette. Smoking a cigarette is a very bad habit.

What else causes a cigarette lighter malfunction even with a new fuse on a vauxhall zafira 04?
Bad contact somewhere in the cigarette lighter. Check the circuit with a continuity checker device.

Is there a safe cigarette?
no, they are all dangerous and very bad for your health! they are called cancer sticks for a reason!

Effects of cigarette smoking on the immune system?
smoking is very bad for immune system . becose

What are the main ingredients in a cigarette and what are they used for?
rat poisn tar tabbaco ectra lots of bad

Is it bad to smoke mixed weed?
Obviously. Is it healthy to smoke a un filtered cigarette? UHH NO!

Is ciggerate smoke bad for dogs?
Yes. Cigarette smoke, in fact any sort of smoke, is bad for people, dogs, cats or iqos 2.4 3 multi anything else.

How bad is it to smoke cigarettes while pregnant?
It is bad to smoke cigarettes while pregnant because the nicotine can get into your blood stream, thus harming the child. It is a very bad idea to smoke and inhale cigarettes because the cigarette, which contains over 4000 chemicals including well characterized toxicants and carcinogens. Cigarette smoking has caused of about 85% of the deaths due to lung cancer, and more than 40% of smokers have been dead in terms of smoking related-diseases. In...

How much nicotine in malboro cig?
There is 1.81 mg of nicotine in one Marlboro cigarette. The nicotine level has not changed in the Marlboro cigarettes. It has been proven that cigarette smoking is bad for a person's health.

Is cigarette smoking really bad for you?
yes smoking is bad for you. it can cause cancer.it will also cause bad damage to your lungs if u smoke.ull have to face health risks if u smoke to much.

What would cause a cigarette and doors electricals locks to stop working and the fuses are good?
Bad relay, bad wiring harness, loose wires or connectors

Is smoking a black and mild like smoking a pack of cigarette?
Yes it is, no matter what your mates say or the packet it is the same and will have the same bad effects as smoking a cigarette packet. Sighed "I thought the same thing"

Should pot be legal?
yes it should be people would be out of trouble and its not even that bad its better then a cigarette

Is weed badder then cigarette?
Is weed worse than cigarettes no. weed is good for iqos you, cigarettes are bad for you. its proven.

What are your conclusion about cigarette smoking?
It's highly addictive and extremely bad for your health. Best option: don't do it, ever.

Is smoking a joint just as bad as smoking a carton of cigarette?
No, that's a myth perpetuated by the anti-marijuana crowd.

What do seals smell like?
Seals smell really, really bad. Like a combination of cigarette smoke, iqos 3 feces.

Is it bad to make smoke come out of your mouth without a cigarette?
Yes, it can possibly damage your lungs, by what i've heard.

What can cigarette smoking cause?
Cancer, bad breath, stroke, heart disease, smelly clothes and smelly hair

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