What are the health risk for tobacco users

lung cancer

mouth cancer (top of mouth & bottom)

throat cancer

bladder cancer

pancreas cancer

kidney cancer

lip cancer

tongue cancer

cheek cancer

gum cancer


frequent colds

bleeding gums

frequent mouth sores
What health risks are associated with the use of tobacco products?
The most dangerous effects of sustained tobacco usage is damage to the lungs, including lung cancer. Other internal diseases like emphysema and iqos bronchitis are more prevalent with smokers. For tobacco users that consume chewing tobacco, there is the risk of gum disease and oral cancer.

What can tobacco users expect when they quit?
They can expect to be healthier and their risk of a heart attack to go lo

What are the health risks of chewing tobacco?
People who chew tobacco have an increased risk of heart disease and mouth and throat cancer.

What is the cancer risk with primetime cigars?
All tobacco products carry health risks.

Which is worse for you smoking or chewing tobacco?
Smoking and chewing tobacco each have severe health risks. While smoking is a major risk factor for glaucoma, emphysema, throat cancer, and lung cancer, "chewing tobacco" is connected to a greatly increased risk of oral cancer. Both contain nicotine, which has its own documented health effects.

What are health benefits for tobacco?
No matter what, tobacco (in any form) is bad for you. The only semi-reasonable argument somebody could make for smoking is that it lowers your risk of obesity as the nicotine in tobacco is an appetite suppressant.

What are the three risk factor that affect your health?
lack of exercise,poor diet and drugs-alcohol,tobacco etc

How long can a person live while taking chew tobacco?
Chewing tobacco is much safer for health than is smoking it. The primary danger is that it increases the risk of mouth cancer.

Are most smokeless tobacco users male?
Yes 82% of smokeless tobacco users are male.

What does nicotine do to tobacco users?
It makes the users addicted to tobacco so that they will continue to waste their money on cigarettes.

Defenses being argued by the tobacco industry?
Tobacco companies argue that smokers are culpable for their health problems because of the obvious risk. They also contend that there is not sufficient proof for the danger of smoking.

What are three ways that risk behaviors can affect health status?
to drink alcohol, the use of tobacco, or second hand iqos heets cesitleri smoke.

Is it harmful for a woman to be around marijuana mixed with tobacco smoke?
Second hand smoke does present some health risk.

What increases your exposure to Turning up the transmit power or utilizing a high gain antenna to reach wireless users from a distance?
By using a high-gain antenna to reach wireless users at a distance, you run the risk of increasing your exposure to radiofrequency radiation. Health officials are still unsure as to the health risk involved when increasing this exposure.

What are the six main health risk behaviors?
The six main health behaviors are: Sedentary Lifestyle Alcohol & Drug use Tobacco Sexual Activity Dangerous Behavior Poor Nutrition

Do people who use smokeless tobacco have fewer health risks than smokers?
Yes, they do. Inhaling pure nicotine does not present nearly as a great a health risk as inhaling cigarette smoke.

A form of cancer common among smokeless tobacco users?
Using 20 years, 2 tins a day. Just got a clean bill of health.

What are the three types of risk factors that can affect a persons health give an example of each?
The three types of risk factors that can affect a person's health include tobacco use,physical inactivity,poor diet, obesity,high blood pressure and diabetes.

Is jaw cancer a natural cause?
Cancer is sometimes natural, but often other factors can influence normal cells to suddenly begin growing wildly and out of control, which is what a cancer is. Cancer of the jaw or mouth is generally uncommon, but chewing tobacco can greatly increase your risk. Tobacco use does not "cause" cancer - many tobacco users live long and healthy lives. But any kind of tobacco use can increase your RISK of getting cancers, and the type...

The risk behaviors that cause the most serious health problems today include?
Alcohol, drug, and tobacco use. And/or sexual activity and behaviors that cause injuries

List the three types of risk factors that can affect a person's health Give an example of each?
short- and long term consequences: lack of health risk factors you can control: use of tobacco, alcohol, and other drugs analyzing benefits and risks: taking risks such as putting your life in danger.

Are there any health risks to using e cigarettes such as vapes or Blu?
The health risk to using e-cigarettes as Blu and/or vapes is that it still has tobacco as it's main ingredient but in a small quantity and will still cause you to have tobacco poisoning just regular cigarettes. Two different horribly unhealthy products that can be avoided.

If tobacco was no longer grown in high phosphate fertilizers which theoretically would result in much lower concentrations of 210Pb and 210Po in tobacco would it still pose a significant health risk?
It would still pose a health risk, because the diffent Concentrations don't reduce the amount of Smoke it gives off or the Tar buildup...As far as I know.The fertilizers merely increase quality.*As far as I know* signed, Kaguya Kaze

What can prevent prostate enlargement?
Avoiding things like tobacco and alcohol can reduce the risk factor. Taking a multivitamin that contains zinc may improve prostate health.

What are the Reasons for taking health supplements?
· Overall Health / Wellness · Bone Health · To Fill Nutrient Gaps in Diet · Immune Health · Healthy Aging · Heart Health · Joint Health · To Reduce Risk of Serious Illness · Exercise Regularly (67%) as Opposed to Non-Users (56%) Know more about health supplements @ healthycell.com

Why should tobacco companies be held for illnesss and death?
I don't believe so. They are selling a product that is clearly labelled as a health risk. The consumer is informed and fully aware of the risk that they are taking by utilizing the product. If tobacco companies were held liable than that would open the door IQOS Heets Bronze Sigara Tütünü for many other lawsuits such as; alcohol producers, manufacturers of guns, ammunition, automobiles, motorcycles, bicycles, ect. The list is endless. If a person uses tobacco products, that is...

Who Are the largest group of smokeless tobacco users?
The largest group are those who take snuff, or who chew tobacco.

Which has a higher risk of getting cancer tobacco smokers or chewers?
chewing tobacco

Why is WikiAnswers so against tobacco?
WikiAnswers is not against tobacco. Its contributors may be. If you think an answer is not answering a question about tobacco or is hateful towards tobacco users, please report it to a Supervisor.

What is the health risk of chewing tobacco?
Chewing tobacco will do some serious damage to your mouth and teeth. It gives you bad breath, stains your teeth and wears down your teeth. Chewing tobacco is an abrasive to your teeth. It's like taking sand paper and sanding down your gum and teeth. You can get gingivitis, ulcers and cancer of the mouth.

How does the decison to use tobacco impact your health?
A decision to use tobacco does not impact your health: actually using tobacco does, since several of its ingredients are poisons or toxins.

Comparison between acute health risk and chronic health risk?
Acute health risk is a risk upon short-term exposure and chronic health risk is as a result of long-term (prolonged) exposure.

Is chew worse than smoking?
Tobacco use in general is bad for your health...it is one of two things that have been conclusively proven to cause cancer besides from sunlight radiation. Chewing tobacco may be worse than smoking because the user runs a higher risk of cancer since the tobacco rests in the gums for hours at a time.

What has the author Dana Schultz written?
Dana Schultz has written: 'Evaluation of the Arkansas tobacco settlement program' -- subject(s): Health Promotion, Arkansas Tobacco Settlement Commission, Outcome Assessment (Health Care), Smoking cessation, Economics, Tobacco industry, Tobacco Use Cessation, Evaluation, Technical Report, Health promotion, Government policy, Methods, Program Evaluation, Legislation & jurisprudence, Law and legislation, Remedies (Law), Tobacco Industry 'Evaluation of the Arkansas tobacco settlement program' -- subject(s): Health Promotion, Arkansas Tobacco Settlement Commission, Outcome Assessment (Health Care), Smoking cessation, Economics, Tobacco industry...

What has the author James L Hedrick written?
James L. Hedrick has written: 'Facts on smoking, tobacco, and health' -- subject(s): Physiological effect, Smoking, Tobacco, Tobacco industry 'Chart book on smoking, tobacco & health' -- subject(s): Physiological effect, Smoking, Tobacco, Tobacco industry

Can you get a buzz off cigar tobacco?
New tobacco users will feel the effects of nicotine more than seasoned users. Yes, IQOS Heets Parliament Sigara heets parliament Sigara Tütünü you get a light headed feeling from a good cigar. A strong cigar can put you flat on your back.

How can you use health risk factors in a sentence?
There are various health risk factors in smog having area. This is the example of health risk factors in a sentence.

Is there more nictotine in pipe tobacco or rolling tobacco?
Usually in pipe tobacco, but not always. It depends on the blend, and whether or not the cigarette tobacco has been fortified with additional nicotine to more easily hook users. (Most is.)

Should tobacco be banned in pharmacies?
Yea, tobacco should be banned in pharmacies. In fact, tobacco which causes cancer,its users should be restricted in pharmacies to set an example against the impending dangers of using tobacco.

Does Italy have a lot of tobacco users?
Yes, a lot of Italians smoke.

Is tobacco snuffing harmful to health or not since some say it is not and others say it is and yr opinion?
Tobacco in any form is harmful to health.

What are the side effects of chewing tobacco?
Side effects of chewing tobacco are stained teeth, bad breath, sores on the gums and in the mouth that are stubborn to heal and other dental problems. Some of the effects on dental health are escalated by the sugar that is added to the tobacco during processing to improve the taste. The habit can also affect a person's ability to taste and smell. After prolonged use there is a risk of developing oral cancer which...

What has the author Ingrid Nielsen written?
Ingrid Nielsen has written: 'Tobacco and health in Washington State' -- subject(s): Health aspects, Health aspects of Tobacco use, Medical Statistics, Statistics, Medical, Statistics, Vital, Tobacco use, Vital Statistics

What has the author Ronald C Burt written?
Ronald C. Burt has written: 'The relationship between blood pressure, serum cholesterol, cigarette smoking, and energy expenditure of male police officers' -- subject(s): Case studies, Police, Health and hygiene, Health risk assessment, Tobacco, Blood pressure, Physiological effect, Tobacco use, Blood cholesterol, Coronary heart disease

Does smokeless tobacco present a reduced risk for lung cancer?
Inhalation of chemicals and particles in smoke, including tobacco smoke, strongly increases the risk of lung cancer. But other chemicals in tobacco, mainly nicotine, may affect the circulatory system.

Is the black death still a health risk?
No it is not still a health risk! :p

Where can you get tobacco?
any time you want to RISK YOU BODY

Which of the following is an example of a risk behavior?
Chewing tobacco

What is a risk assessment?
I see you plato users.

What tobacco does to the blood?
tobacco can temporarily raise blood pressure, and it DOES increase the risk of heart and blood vessel diseases.

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