Can you get throat cancer if you smoked for two months only

No, it is very unlikely to get throat cancer after smoking for 2 months

How can it be that some people get lung cancer who havnet smoked?
Smoking is not the only cause of lung cancer.

If only smoked pot once will it show in your hair?
yes. only for about two months though.

If you quit smoking before age 25 will you still get lung cancer?
Even if you smoked for only one year you can never be sure if or when you might get lung cancer. It also depends on how many cigarette's you smoked everyday, even before you quit.

What 2 presidents died of throat and mouth cancer?
In 1884, eighteenth U.S. President Ulysses S. Grant was diagnosed with throat cancer. He died on July 23, 1885. Nowadays, it's thought that he actually died from carcinoma of the tongue and tonsils. Grant was the only president with a confirmed case of throat cancer.

Can you pass a hair follicle test if you only smoked marijuana once three weeks age?
DEFFINENTLY NOT, they can tell if you smoked marijuana within MONTHS if the test by hair, urine only about a month.

What if I smoked on the 11th and have a test on the 18th will i pass the drug test I only did 2 blunts shared and i havent smoked weed like 6 months except that time Im 5'7 and weight 160pounds with?
If you truly hadn't smoked for months prior then you should be fine by the 18th. No worries.

Can you get cancer from smoking paper?
You can get cancer from anything that you smoke, rather it be paper or cigarettes. Its the carbon in the Smoke from the paper that will eventually damage your lungs and cause cancer. The only thing that is proven not to cause cancer when smoked is Marijuana(When smoked in its Natural State i.e Pipes,Bongs,Natural Hemp Joints). The only probable cause from catching cancer from Marijuana is The Tobacco leaves the Urban youths Smoke out of...

Does smoking only cause lung cancer?
No. It causes MANY other health issues, increases your risk for throat cancer and heart disease. And of course lung cancer.

Is Celine Dion husband dead?
Yes he died of throat cancer. The person who responded to you is not only wrong but also very cheeky for saying he died of throat cancer. If you are refering to Rene Angelil, no he did not die. He had throat cancer but he recovered. Look for information on google, it seems sometimes people like to play hard jokes that can misslead others...

Have any US Presidents ever died of cancer If so how many and who were they?
Only one president has died from cancer and that is Hiram Ulysses Simpson Grant. He had cancer in the throat. Other presidents have had cancer but have not died.

If you smoked weed 6 months ago can it stay in your blood system 6 months later?
no, it only stays in your blood for up to three weeks. definitely not six months. if it was only one time, then it will only stay in your system for around three days.

Last time you smoked was 3 months ago will you pass?
Yes - should not be a problem, THC can only last about 30 days.

I took a drugs test exactly 3 months to the day after i smoked my last joint. They are testing for 3 months usage do you think they will find anything?
after 3 months the only way they can detect it is a through your hair

I am pregnant and my baby is due in three months and i smoked weed will she come out clean?
They are not going to drug test your child. Depending on how much weed you smoked, will determine if anything will be wrong with your child. If you only smoked a bowl or two then your child should be fine. Now, if you constantly smoked weed while you were pregnant then you may have some issues.

Why shouldn't someone be bulimic?
Not only does it kill the enamel on your teeth, IQOS Heets Parliament Sigara heets parliament Sigara Tütünü 2.4 plus but you can also get throat cancer from all of the stomach acid. And, no, that's not all.

Would you fail a hair test if you smoked pot one time and only took 3 drags 2 months ago?
yea, you hair can tell what you have done for 6 months of more.

If you only smoked two puffs of marijuana 2 months ago can it be detected in hair testing?
yes it can, it will stay in your hair until you cut it

I smoked only a little bit of marijuana 9 months ago will and i tested positive is that possible?
no your good 30 days is about avg time

If you smoke a gram 7 days ago will it show in a drug test?
If that was the only time you had smoked in a couple months, then it would likely not show up. However, iqos heets cesitleri if you smoked weekly or more, then it could very well show up.

What caused Jimmy Dorsey to die?
He died in June 1957 from throat cancer, exacerbated by smoking and alcohol. He was only 53 years old.

If you smoked once in 6 months how long does weed stay in your system?
smoking it only once, it will completely leave your system within a week of smoking

You are 113 pounds and have not smoked pot for 2 months is that long enough to be clean?
YES, should only take 30 days if you use often.

I had a hair sample test done. I smoked pot like 5 months ago.. I smoked pot like once every two months before that.. Would the test be negative?
Hair is like a timeline, so, if the hair you had 5 months ago is still on your head, most likely yes, but most tests only use the root of the hair.

Can you get cancer if you smoke paper once?
No, I have smoked paper before only a couple times just to feel what it's like to smoke. Nothing will happen to you rest assured.

Can drug tests tell when you last used?
Well they can't tell when as in an exact time of day, but they can roughly put an estimate on the certain couple of days you smoked. This is true unless your are tested by a hair sample. Then they can only tell about what couple of months you smoked. no they cant its a lie they can only tell when it was by estimate and that's only from a blood test

If You smoked pot once 2 months ago and you have a hair test coming up since you take vitamins with 20mg niacin in them will you pass?
THC only stays in the system from a month tops. You should be safe after 2 months!!

If you smoked weed 5 months ago and you are around weed smoke constantly will you fail a swab drug test?
u can only fail if ur contact high

How long will it take to get out of your system if i smoked weed 6 days ago and only done it once?
Depending on the method of test i assume you will be taking a urine test. I you just smoked once and have not smoked heavily in an prior months, I would say If u drank a good bit of water to dillute the sample you could probably pass it in four to five days.

How does smoking affect the pharynx?
Smoking affects the pharynx because it can cause cancer not only in the pharynx, but also the tongue, lung and oral. The pharynx is the medical term for throat.

What is the life expectancy for Stage 3 pancreatic cancer?
The life expectancy is not good. Only 4% of people diagnosed with pancreatic cancer will live for 5 years. The average person will only live for 3 to 6 months after diagnosis.

If you smoke weed twice how long will it stay in your system?
it depends if you smoked it on the same day it will stay in your system upto 3 months but only be traceable for 1 month. :) weed3

I am 6'1 175 pounds I have not smoked weed for 7 months then smoked for 4 in a row days only taking 4 hits at night over the 4 days it has been 7 days since last use am i clean?
No. Depending on the potency of the drug, it will remain in your system for a few weeks.

How long does 'you'r sister have with a stage 4 pancreatic cancer.?
Months...6 to 8 months...stage four cancer is quite hard to cure maybe only about 2-4% will survive, so I doubt she'll make a year, I'm sorry though.

How did Andy Kaufman died?
You mean how did Andy Kaufman die? He died of lung cancer, though their is a conspiracy theory that he is still alive considering he only smoked a little when he was younger, the fact that he died of lung cancer is quite bazzare. Look up on Google about the conspiracy theory if you are interested.

You have not smoked marijuana for 5 months will you pass a urine drug test?
Yes, you should be. On average, marijuana takes about a month to leave your system (for regular users). It could potentially take only two weeks, or as much as six weeks...but not five months.

What are the affects of smoking a cigarette?
Not only can smoking increase the likeliness of lung cancer, but also cancers of the kidney, mouth, throat, stomach, cervix, oesophagus, pancreas and bladder. 40% of the total tobacco related deaths in Australia in recent years were liable to cancer.

Why does smoked meat stay pink?
The reason smoked meat is still Pink is it is not cooked(this only happens when the product is cold smoked)

If i smoked weed 4 weeks ago will i pass my drug test im not a heavy smoker i only smoke once every 2 months if that im about 300 pounds?
THC from marijuana is stored in your body fat for anything from 10 days to 24 days. The THC is also growing in your hair follicles, which will be detectable if they perform a hair follicle test, unless you shave your head. Bottom line: Drugs ruin lives, get people fired and make you difficult to be re-hired by someone else. Drugs are not worth the 2 or so hours of "chillaxing" compared to the rest...

How long does pot stay in your body if only alittle bit smoked once?
it stays in your body for 6 months but if u smoke more than 3 onces it will be in your body for 2 years

Why did i lose conciousness after smoking weed i smoked every day for months then last week it started affecting me differently anyone know why?
i only took one hit and im wondering why it happened

Can a saliva test detect marijuana in your system if you only smoked once?
it depends on when you smoked it

What can a patient with terminal brain cancer expect when they only have a couple more months to live?
Patients with terminal brain cancer who have a few months of life to live may require end-of- life-care. This includes receiving medicines and treatments to control pain and other symptoms of the cancer. Similarly, other body organs can begin to fail in the final stages of caner. The person also may require hospice care in the final months of life.

How is asbestos dangrous?
Its fibers can get into your body via breathing or eating. Then can cause throat, lung or intestine cancer. Its fibers can also wriggle into your lungs and cause Mesopotamia. The only cure is a lung transplant.

How deodorants cause cancer?
I believe it's the zinc in anti-perspirants that you're refering to that may cause cancer. Personally I only use anti-perspirant in the warmer months, and deodorant for IQOS Heets Parliament Sigara heets parliament Sigara Tütünü 3 lacivert the cooler/cold weather.

Is skin cancer a genetic disease?
Only within the first six months after you're born can you get a skin cancer that is genetic. Otherwise, it's most likely caused by tobacco use or other skin dangers.

Can a hair drug test detect how many times you have smoked?
A hair drug test can't detect how many times you have smoked, only if you have smoked.

What medications used for prostate cancer?
There are no current medications to treat prostate cancer, but some good ones are in testing. Current medications only prolong the life by a few months of men with advanced prostate cancer. Currently, prostate cancer is treated by surgery and chemotherapy along with a prostate healthy diet.

You smoked marijuana 2 weeks ago but only took two hits and weight 180 pounds will you pass a saliva test?
Two weeks is good and plenty as saliva tests work for about 24 hours after the weed was smoked. A urine test would not be smart as marijuana can stay in the body for up to two months.

Why is it when you have a sore throat you get tiny cuts on your tongue?
This is only a sensation, you do not actually get tiny cuts in your throat. The soreness you feel from the sore throat can feel like tiny cuts but it is only an irritation of the throat.

How long does kronic stay in your system?
i smoked a couple of bongs of kronic most days, after working a 12 hour day, for aprox 8 months. i was randomed tested and tested positive.I retested myself 4 times in 10 weeks. i kept testing positive. I had to quit my job. The testing is a gastromety test so you only need a tiny amount to test positive. it is not tested at a cut of level like THC. you are either positive...

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